make money online Mapping the Genome: October 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Y-chromosome variation in the Pyrenees

Below is a map and some interesting results from a y-chromosome study of the Pyrennees
One of the most interesting findings of this study was the
very high frequency of R1b1b2d in all Pyrenean samples
except Cinco Villas. In this last population, R1b1b2d was
just carried by one individual, which in fact agrees fairly well
with the general distribution of the haplogroup in Iberians.
In Europe, the mutation defining the subclade R1b1b2d –
SRY2627 (synonymous of M169) is a relatively rare variant
within R1b1b2, being commonly assumed to be typical of
Iberian populations. Nearly everywhere in the Peninsula it
occurs at 2–7% frequency and up to now the highest values
have been found in the North East corner, namely among
Basques (4–11%, Maca-Meyer et al. 2003, Hurles et al. 1999)
and Catalans (22%, Hurles et al. 1999). Frequencies of 13% in
Jacetania, 18% in Alto Urgel, 19% in Cerda˜na and especially
of 48% in Valle de Ar´an, can be found in nearby regions
which have never been observed before.